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It’s almost summer time!!

Hi there foodies, sorry that I have been MIA for some time, but there have been some pretty great things happening on my end. I just graduated from college yesterday so now I am officially a college graduate!! Now, that I can check that off my bucket list, it’s time to get back down to business. Summer is around the corner so while you all are working on those great summer bods, I wanted to give you a few pointers, and then after you get back in shape you can join me as I try to find great summer foods that re not only cheap but healthy as well for the summer! 

Did you know that the best snacks for summer are as simple as watermelon, peaches, strawberries, blueberries and tomatoes? 

For the ladies: Head over to IVillage where there is an endless list of ways to get that perfect bikini body! 

For the men: Head over to YourOnlineFitness for some tips on how to achieve a body that will make all of the girls drool. 

Enjoy foodies and look out for my next trip as I take a bite out of great summer foods in NYC! 

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Champagne Cocktail

Hello foodies! The school year is officially over and my gift to you is a drink that not only celebrates the end of finals, and the end of the school year, but the end of another chapter in your life. Enjoy!!


  • 1 sugar cube or 1/2 teaspoon sugar
  • 6 dashes bitters
  • .5 oz brandy
  • .5 cup Champagne, chilled
  • Maraschino cherry
  • Lemon slice


Place sugar in a champagne flute or cocktail glass; sprinkle with bitters. Pour brandy into the glass. Top with Champagne. Garnish as desired.

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The A-Z Drink Guide for the Perfect Girls’ Night

Hi foodies!!! Today’s post was inspired by my best friend. I absolutely love hanging out with her, and when we do hang, it’s a sure-fire way for me to have a blast. I found this really cool site that lists  drink recipes for every letter of the alphabet (pretty cool!) when you want to have a night with your favorite movie, your best bud and some serious gossip. Check it out, my favorite drinks so far have been the Amaretto Sunrise, and the Atomic Plum. Trust me, there is no better excuse to drink every day than this one. Enjoy Ladies!!!

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Friday Night Takeout!

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Are you feeling Sweet, Sour, Savory, or Salty??

Check out this poll foodies!!

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It’s Test Time!!!!

Good Morning foodies!! I am so excited to share this post with you all today!! My inspiration for this post came about because the semester is coming to a close and that means its finals time :/ Not to worry, I have three websites that I have chosen for you all, the first will tell you the best and the worst brain food, did you know that if you want to think faster you should eat salmon or mackerel?? The next website is for a simple brain cocktail, I mean what other excuse do you need to have a little drink in the middle of your day? And the last website is an article that will tell you the 5 best and worst cocktails and as I am sure you know the first one on the 5 best cocktails is red wine. Enjoy and have a good day!

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Ayza: Chocolate and Wine Bar

Hi foodies, it’s finally Friday!!! You made it through the week and now you deserve to have a little fun. Grab your best girl or your your best guy and head to Ayza Chocolate and Wine Bar in NYC. Depending on what part of the city you want to hang in Ayza is located in Midtown and in the West Village. It is by far one of the most romantic spots I have been to, and the staff was so friendly :). Now, on to the nitty gritty,  the price. Well, if you head to their menu you will see that the prices are not bad at all considering where they are located, but last night the hubby and I racked up a bill of $100. BUT WAIT, we had 3 cocktails and 5 different dishes. (See, not too shabby) But all in all, the food is great, the atmosphere is extremely romantic, and the staff was wonderful to be around. So go out tonight, and indulge yourselves. I promise you will leave being more in love  than you went coming in, and for those of you who want to go all out, Sunday nights at Ayza is couple nights, so here’s a hint for all those men out there…(the tables are covered in rose petals).

For those of you interested in what I had here it is:

2 White Sangrias

1 White Cosmo

Angry Chicken Wings

White Truffle Pizza

Shrimp Dumplings

Braised Beef Rib with Dark Chocolate Sauce

Chocolate Fondue Fountain with Strawberries, Bananas, Brownies, Rice Crispy Treats, Pound Cake and Lady Fingers

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Today is a Special Day!!!

Tonight my boyfriend are going to go on a date at a beautiful chocolate and wine bar in NYC. Now, I know you might be thinking chocolate and wine bar…how expensive is that?? But I promise it’s super affordable and super romantic. I can’t wait! Check back later on tonight for all the delicious details as I take a chocolate-ly bite out of the BIg Apple. 

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Azucar: A Taste of Cuba

Keep a look out for my next video project, which will be up in the next  few weeks on Azucar, a Cuban restaurant in the heart of Jersey City! 

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Stay Tuned

Hi everyone, hope you all had a GREAT Easter and Passover, I just wanted to let you all know that this week I have a huge surprise for you for the next Tasty NYC Treat. Stay tuned and check back later on in the week for what I think will be the best Treat EVER!!!! And this time I’m taking along my boyfriend so you know it must be worth sharing. 

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