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Ayza: Chocolate and Wine Bar

Hi foodies, it’s finally Friday!!! You made it through the week and now you deserve to have a little fun. Grab your best girl or your your best guy and head to Ayza Chocolate and Wine Bar in NYC. Depending on what part of the city you want to hang in Ayza is located in Midtown and in the West Village. It is by far one of the most romantic spots I have been to, and the staff was so friendly :). Now, on to the nitty gritty,  the price. Well, if you head to their menu you will see that the prices are not bad at all considering where they are located, but last night the hubby and I racked up a bill of $100. BUT WAIT, we had 3 cocktails and 5 different dishes. (See, not too shabby) But all in all, the food is great, the atmosphere is extremely romantic, and the staff was wonderful to be around. So go out tonight, and indulge yourselves. I promise you will leave being more in love  than you went coming in, and for those of you who want to go all out, Sunday nights at Ayza is couple nights, so here’s a hint for all those men out there…(the tables are covered in rose petals).

For those of you interested in what I had here it is:

2 White Sangrias

1 White Cosmo

Angry Chicken Wings

White Truffle Pizza

Shrimp Dumplings

Braised Beef Rib with Dark Chocolate Sauce

Chocolate Fondue Fountain with Strawberries, Bananas, Brownies, Rice Crispy Treats, Pound Cake and Lady Fingers

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