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Today is a Special Day!!!

Tonight my boyfriend are going to go on a date at a beautiful chocolate and wine bar in NYC. Now, I know you might be thinking chocolate and wine bar…how expensive is that?? But I promise it’s super affordable and super romantic. I can’t wait! Check back later on tonight for all the delicious details as I take a chocolate-ly bite out of the BIg Apple. 

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Azucar: A Taste of Cuba

Keep a look out for my next video project, which will be up in the next  few weeks on Azucar, a Cuban restaurant in the heart of Jersey City! 

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Stay Tuned

Hi everyone, hope you all had a GREAT Easter and Passover, I just wanted to let you all know that this week I have a huge surprise for you for the next Tasty NYC Treat. Stay tuned and check back later on in the week for what I think will be the best Treat EVER!!!! And this time I’m taking along my boyfriend so you know it must be worth sharing. 

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Yummy NYC Treats

So, I was sitting at home the other night and I was craving a cupcake and some pudding..while some people would just go to the supermarket by their house and pick up a pack of pudding and some cupcake mix, I took another route. I got up, headed to the city, took the train to Times Square, and went to Crumbs Bakery for a cookies and cream cupcake and then walked a couple of blocks down to my all-time favorite spot, Magnolia Bakery for some delicious Banana Pudding!!! It was magical. If you haven’t been I would strongly recommend going to BOTH of these places.

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Eat. Blog. Love

Easter is right around the corner and you know what that means…great food around family and friends. I am not a natural born chef, hence why I blog about great places to eat and not great things to cook. But what I can tell you is that every holiday I go on foodnetwork.com to find simple dishes that make a big bang. Take a look at some appetizers that are not only elegant for Easter but are delicious as well. My favorites are the Brie en Croute, the deviled eggs, and onion and goat cheese tart. Enjoy!!

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A Once in a Lifetime Experience

Hi foodies, here is my new video that I shot, edited and produced on my trip to Thailand. Enjoy!!

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Must Read!!!!

ATTENTION ALL FOODIES…I want to remind you that it’s friday night and there’s no better time to head out to a restaurant and enjoy some great food, in case you need some help check out Azucar, a Cuban restaurant that I HIGHLY recommend. An article was written on them in The New York Times today, see for yourself.

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