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Must Read!!!!

ATTENTION ALL FOODIES…I want to remind you that it’s friday night and there’s no better time to head out to a restaurant and enjoy some great food, in case you need some help check out Azucar, a Cuban restaurant that I HIGHLY recommend. An article was written on them in The New York Times today, […]

Back in Action

I have returned back from my Thai excursion, and while the food was delicious, I could not be more excited to get back into the swing of things here in NYC so make sure to check back in later this week for another Tasty NYC Treat!

I Love NYC


Check out my newest video which I shot and edited. Enjoy!

East Village Hot Spot

I could not be more excited to share this great find, recommended by my teacher. (Remember my list from earlier) I went last night and was blown away by this restaurant. Located in the East Village, Mono+Mono is such a classy, yet laid back restaurant and  I may just have to go back again his […]

Cheap-Food Finding Tips

I thought it would be important  to do a post on how to find cheap food in NYC because I know how overwhelming the food scene is in NYC. It is mind-blowing how many different places there are to eat and  how many variations of food there are out there. Being the foodie that I […]